Our goal is that children living in Sweden but that have French language as their mother tongue get the opportunity to both develop their French language’s skills on top of their Swedish in a nice and playful atmosphere.
We strive to ensure that children develop their cultural identity and ability to communicate both in Swedish and in French. Our experienced teachers who have received specific training feel safe and proud in their professional capacity to develop the children’s learning and communication skills.
Planning and follow-up 
123Voilà plans, coordinates and draw common guidelines and objectives together with schools, pre-schools’ staff and parents for the upcoming semester. The starting point of 123 Voilà’s work is based on each child’s specific needs, defined on the basis of conversations with parents, the child and kindergardens or schools. The planning is then followed up by an evaluation at the end of the semester, and we update regularly the parents on their children’s activities and progress.
Teachers involve games in the teaching program to help the child to develop language skills, as well as various concepts associated with each activity. It develops the child’s capacity for social interaction, teaching how to count, learning colors, and the vocabulary relevant for each particular game. Through role play children build up their French vocabulary, their communication and social skills.
Music and singing
Singing, dancing and dramatization are playing an important role in the child’s language development. It helps the children to memorize various words, for example the week days, the numbers, the alphabet and much more. The content and significance of the texts are clarified, as songs contain many different words and concepts. We sing French children’s songs and use illustrated books to enhance the child’s understanding of the content.
Theme work
Travaux manuels
Through work with specific themes, the child has the opportunity to use more precise vocabulary in independent situation. To give the child an understanding of the subject content of the theme, and to process new concepts in the mother tongue, increases the opportunities for the child to acquire a more cognitively demanding contents. Educators can select books, pictures or songs related to the theme, and strengthen the understanding of the content.
Every day situations
We are using every meaningful daily situation to communicate with the children. By putting words into everything we are doing, in connection with various situations, such as dressing, washing hands, etc., we expand the children’s French vocabulary and communication skills.
Stories and tales
Tales and books in all their forms play an important role during 123 Voila’s sessions. We therefore always schedule time for story reading at the end of the class. Children have as well the possibility to borrow French literature at home.