Language school & events

If you are in need of language training for your staff, we have several options to choose from:

  • Individual course
  • Mini-group course
  • Combination course
  • Specific focus course

The type of course you choose depends on:

  • How intensively you want to study
  • How much available time you have
  • How you value the social interaction in a group, in and outside the classroom, compared to having your own teacher’s full attention.

In order to facilitate and streamline your employees’ days, we can come to your company for teaching.

Individual course

Individual teaching with a teacher is the most intensive course type. The teacher adjusts teaching entirely to the person’s knowledge and potential.
123 Voilà has no fixed date for individual language training. You can determine together with us the date and the number of classes per week you wish to order.

Mini-group course

We teach in small groups with usually 2 to 6 participants. The emphasis is put on effective communication.
Teachers adjust the course program according to the group prior knowledge, preferences and needs. By including roleplaying, each participant gets the chance to practice orally the language in a range of situations.

Combination course

A combination course mixes group instruction with individual lessons. During the group sessions, students are using and understanding the language in a natural way in interaction with others. Being part of a group is also socially stimulating. The individual lessons are devoted to enhancing participants’ knowledge where it is most needed, and means that he/she gets a program fully adapted to his/her linguistic level.

Specific focus course

123 Voilà can as well offers courses with a specific focus: e.g. business communication, law, medicine.

If you are interested in offering language classes to one or several of your employees, you are very welcome to contact us. We will happily answer your questions.